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Cavity wall extraction

Over 6 million homes have been installed with cavity wall insulation in the UK. The vast majority have been installed according to the correct guidlines and to a high quality. However, there are a large number of installs that have not met the correct criteria, resulting in properties being affected by damp issues and floor boards rotting.

Common causes for this include:

  • The property was not suitable for cavity wall insulation
  • There was rubble or debris already present in the cavity, causing cold spots
  • Insulation has sagged or broken down over a number of years
  • Floor vents were not removed, cleared and replaced

The only way to eradicate this problem, is to have all the insulation professionally removed and JM Property Solutions can help. We can visit your property, carry out a free survey and provide a no obligation quote.

The extraction can take up to 2 working days dependent upon the size of the property and the material being extracted.

Here is a breakdown of the process:

  • Bricks are carefully removed at specific points on each wall
  • A vacum is attached and will extract all of the insulation and debris in the cavity
  • All the materials are bagged and sealed and removed from site, leaving no mess behind
  • All bricks and holes are re-fitted and re-pointed leaving minimal evidence.
  • If you would BOOK A FREE SURVEY please contact us

Cavity wall claims

It has been widely reported over the past 12 months, on the news and even in parliment, that hundreds of thousands of cavity wall insulation installs do not meet the correct guidelines. It is now apparent that, as a result of these sub standard practices, the cavity wall insulation is causing more harm than good to the fabric of homeowners properties, with properties now experiencing damp, condensation, rotten woodwork, failing wall ties, and damage caused to interior decorations and furnishings.

JM Property Solutions are working alongside a leading claims company and can assist you in taking the 1st steps into making a claim. They work on a “No Win, No Fee” basis, so if JM Property Solutions find fault with your install, if you wish we will pass the report on to the solicitors who can help you with your claim.

For more information or to book a free assessment please contact us.